Sa·to·ri- sudden enlightenment

Success is the ability to go from one failure to another without a loss of enthusiasm.


The foundation of Satori Cuts is built on a new brand of barbers; barbers focused on success through personal growth and empowering the community. We strive everyday to be an inspiration to everyone we come into contact with. Our barbers know that Satori is more than just a name. Satori is the character and the pedigree of gentleman that is the foundation of who we are.

Today what we call success in our culture is measured largely by how much you obtain. By how much honor, money, power, or procession you accumulate. In the new culture your success will be measured by how much you can bring and do for others. The irony will be the more you cause others to have the more you will attain. At Satori, our focus and goal is to be more than a barbershop. We want to be a beacon of understanding how to be more than the person you are today.

We stand firm in being the change we seek and stepping up to the plate as leaders within the community to guide, protect, and nourish every being in our presence. Our purpose at Satori is to inspire the world, one person at a time, by bringing out the excellence in our character.